AI Counting: people counting

Counting people is our raison d’être, so you can have total confidence in our ability to do the counting for your site.
Our systems are designed to be very flexible to enable satisfying all building types including the most complex architectures.
Use the tools especially suited to your requirements for running your sites on a daily basis.

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Irreproachable data capture

Les centres commerciaux proposent à leurs clients une expérience unique. Quantaflow a développé des solutions pour s’adapter aux spécificités de ces très grands bâtiments. Son capteur 3D/HD Quantium ® est parfaitement adapté à la variété des grandes hauteurs sous plafond et aux variations lumineuses aux abords des portes des centres commerciaux.

Le choix technologique de Quantaflow s’est porté sur ce capteur 3D car il permet une grande variété de réglages et d’analyses et apporte ainsi une excellente précision de comptage.

Data quality and restitution

Our customers say they have chosen Quantaflow because they know that the company’s counting systems are top quality and are there for the duration.
From the MyQuantaflow web site, configure how you wish to see your data displayed and follow the progress on your sites and in your particular interest areas. To guarantee the accuracy and resilience of our solutions, we control the totality of the data production sequence – from sensor design to the restitution of the counting information on your dashboards.


Counting solution maintenance

Our team of experts get involved both remotely and on site in order to guarantee the quality of data capture concerning the visitor flow through your shopping centres.

Our sensors have been designed in France by our own Research and Development department and are renowned for their extreme degree of accuracy. When used with the Quantaflow algorithms and maintained by our maintenance team, the Quantium sensor provides reliable and certified counting data with a greater than 99% accuracy.

Our sensors are robust, but discreet, and each sensor is calibrated and checked in the factory and then tested in operational conditions using customer parameters for a minimum of 24 hours.

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