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Our counting and analysis proposal is based on having 3D Quantium™ cameras in place, along with the counting sensors placed in the zenith position such that the whole space to be analysed is covered. 
Quantaflow will propose the appropriate number of cameras and their optimum placing as a function of the granularity of information you require.

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Quantaflow checks very carefully each stage in the data capture process, in order to have accurate, reliable and uniform counting.
Naturally, this involves installing the system, running the capture process and then maintenance. But there’s more – it all starts with a carefully controlled manufacturing process in the company’s Honfleur factory.


MyQuantaflow is a counting software suite designed to analyse public entries into major buildings, such as shopping centres, and to display the results according to the requirements of each user.

The analyses are displayed on dashboards which are 100% customisable to suit each customer’s particular needs. The software’s real-time features enable, for example, understanding the instantaneous occupancy on any site and being alerted when the user-defined acceptable threshold limit is approaching.

You can get rapid details of the occupancy trends and also in-depth analyses of the visitor flows according to indicators suited to your particular situation. MyQuantaflow offers the capability of generating your own graphics and incorporating them into your dashboards, enabling them to be displayed each time you connect.

With the Quantaflow mobile app, check out the real-time occupancy of your outlet, store, supermarket, etc.

Analyse the number of visitors to your site over time using the data in the mobile app. Or visualise the relevant data concerning your visitor flow with our indoor counting systems.

With this tool, you can also optimise the use of your useful indoor space thanks to the interactive application equipped with a scanner.
With the ultra-precision algorithm incorporated in the application, our sensors produce the most reliable information on the market.



All the data collected are put into the context of your centre and your requirements. The Quantaflow Panel – which represents the ‘habits’ of around 1 billion people each year for the past 20 years – is structured in the form of reports and site results, monthly bulletins and ad hoc surveys.