Systeme de comptage de personnes Valider la précision de comptage

How the people counting system works.

Our people counting system called Quantium, designed and built in France, is both robust and discreet. The 3D video-sensors are fixed at the site entrances and exits and count the people passing in both directions, scrupulously respecting all the necessary regulations concerning personal data protection. The sensors are connected through Ethernet cables, and can transmit data concerning entrances and exits, and thus instantaneous presence, all in real time.
Compared with manual counting, electronic counting with instruments such as our connected cameras is of extreme accuracy, especially in crowded areas.  The sensor identifies people as they enter the field of vision and renders the count anonymous using a yellow square covering the person’s face. It is only when people have passed completely through the Quantium’s counting zone that they are accounted for.   The anonymity square changes to green if the person is detected as arriving and to red if detected as leaving.
The counting systems are interconnected and contain an algorithm which enables several counters surveying the same counting zone not to double count the visitors. This feature of the product is the latest one perfected by our R&D department, and has been subjected to tests by the independent Bureau Veritas Company.

Validating the counting accuracy of people counting systems

Being on the French market for the past 20 years and always wishing to supply the highest quality counting systems to our customers, we regularly have the accuracy of our products independently verified. This validation is entrusted to an external company: Bureau Veritas. This policy of transparency enables us to develop long-term relationships with our customers based on mutual confidence.

The counting tests take place in our facility in Honfleur, France. In total, more than 2,000 passages are carried out and more than 20 counting scenarios explored. A manual control count is also carried out by the Bureau Veritas Company. These test results validate the Quantium V3 counting system’s accuracy at greater than 99%.

Why install a counting system?

Intelligent counting systems are capable of providing information that is essential both for day-to-day operations and for strategic management for sites such as shopping centres, major stores and other buildings where the general public has access.

Installing a counting system generates data that can provide very insightful information once the site closes its doors at the end of the day. The subsequent analysis enables having a far better understanding of the habits of the people visiting your site.  Using this knowledge of the visitor flow entering your site, you may, for example, adjust your sales resources at the point of sale as a function of the days of the week or periods of the busiest traffic. Our  MyQuantaflow platform, a scalable and very ergonomic tool, enables you to create in-depth analyses for your site, using the very accurate counting information collected.

With its extremely accurate counting, the Quantium solution offers the possibility of having real-time information concerning the on-site visitor presence, thus enabling managing entries and exits. This feature is particularly important during lock-down periods in order to adhere to the restrictions imposed by the relevant government departments. Our mobile app means you can know the number of people present on site at any instant, manage the thresholds for such on-site presence and compare yourselves with the national reference data – and all this in real time.

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