Count & Analyse

your visitor flows

For more than 20 years, we have been counting visitors to shopping centres to provide a comprehensive analysis of the traffic flows

Quantaflow 's unparalleled survey

a ten-year journey through the
corridors of shopping centres in France

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Dedicated Solutions
designed for your Shopping Centre



Our sensors are certified by Bureau Veritas and guarantee a reliable and accurate count of your visitor flows

Software Suite

Analyse your customers’ behaviour using a powerful, ergonomic software suite

Shopping centre

Our team of experts guide you through the understanding of your asset.

A Real Understanding
of Your Centre

Using reliable indicators, measure the attractiveness of your assets and have a clear picture of how your visitors behave.

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Real Time Data
For Instant Decisions

Measuring the performance of your centres in real time for a better control and understanding of customer visits

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Flexible Technology
To cover your
Asset Complexity

Our technologies have been designed to cater for shopping centres of all shapes and sizes.Such flexibility means they will adapt perfectly to the specific architecture of your sites.

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Ils nous font confiance

They trust us