Quantaflow helps you be ready for re-opening after lockdown with its real-time application!

The application, designed and built by Quantaflow, the leading player in counting systems in France, has been expanded to help customers be ready for D-Day when the constraints of lockdown will be lifted.

Be ready to receive visitors again

Flexibility and reactivity are two key factors in the context of the current crisis for handling the re-opening of shopping centres. Quantaflow is re-inventing itself to deliver to customers the solutions required to be really ready for the progressive re-start of activity taking full account of the social distancing and health related measures that will be established by the government.

Regulating the number of people present will be at the heart of re-opening

Being able to demonstrate to the local authorities that the Instantaneous Maximum Occupancy of the centre has not been breached will be essential, and being informed in real-time of the number of people in the centre will be key to the effective management of the site. To adhere to these thresholds, Quantaflow’s application for measuring real-time customer visits provides an optional service for the centre’s security department to regulate access to the centre. It’s simple to use and very ergonomic. The real-time occupation of the site, the percentage of the allowable numbers and, even more helpful, the available numbers before the maximum occupancy is reached are all available with just a single click. Reaching the threshold numbers generates instantaneous alerts so that the appropriate staff can take immediate action.

Restricted access to ensure data confidentiality

Use of the option for regulating access to the centre is via a dedicated link for security staff. Access to visitor flow and summary/history data is not available through this link thus enabling full cooperation with the security department without divulging any confidential data.

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