A few weeks ago, in front of an invited audience, Quantaflow unveiled an exciting new product – the Quantaflow App. Quantaflow is already at the cutting edge in ultra-powerful people counting systems and, with this uniquely innovative product, demonstrates its worldwide lead. Our R&D teams have spent two years developing this new product, a product which enables customers to have an instantaneous view of the people visiting their shopping centre and their preferred times.

Quantaflow App is in no way intended as a substitute for our Multiquant software but rather a completely separate complement offering additional functionalities. As smartphones and digital information become all-pervasive, it is normal that the leader in the market should offer its customers a new management tool – connected management. This new application, soon to be available for downloading, is clear evidence that innovation is at the heart of Quantaflow’s strategy.

Intuitive & ergonomic application

Using the app is simple and practical. With just a single click you immediately see the number of visitors to the site and the fluctuations during the day. Another click and you have the daily, weekly, monthly and sliding twelve month trends. You have then your personal Dashboard. All your sites and retail complexes are now instantly accessible. Just by sliding you will be able to change from a shopping centre to a hypermarket or to a particular brand outlet. Scrolling down provides a wide range of comparisons: the number of visitors compared with the same time last week, with the previous month or the previous year. Turn your smartphone on its side and a stylised chart of the hourly visitor flow automatically appears. Place your finger of the curve and the hourly trends appear before your eyes.

Share easily your shopping centres data

First, no need to go back to the office to check the results. With your password already registered in the system, open the application and the real-time trends appear in a couple of seconds. You want to alert management, a store owner or a promoter to an atypical situation – send an MMS with a screen-shot of the cumulative number of visits since they opened. If you are responsible for security, you need to demonstrate to the appropriate authorities that the Instantaneous Maximum Occupancy, where this limit exists, has not been exceeded. Simple – the number of people present in each zone where there is a sensor is available in real time alongside the number of entrants. You wish to compare the performance of all the shopping centres or hypermarkets in your portfolio – in the Quantaflow App, you simply switch between the various sites. Up to you now to showcase the good players and analyse the less good.

For more information about Quantaflow App, check our website.

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