A Powerful Software Suite
Real time counting systems and data for instant decisions

We provide you with a strong software suite designed specifically for shopping malls
requirements combining real time visualisation and in depth analysis of your visitor flows and occupancy.
All of our software ensure you a multi-user and secure connection.



In just a flash, visualise your asset trends in daily visitor flows.

Go that bit further and perform in-depth analyses of your visitor flows against indicators specifically designed for shopping centres like yours.

Generate your own reports and measure your operational ROI.

The real-time display



With just a single URL – simple implementation and usability - the displays respond to several requirements! Information is updated in real time so you have a precise picture of the situation on your site at any time T. Such real-time displays are possible thanks to the rugged design of our API and the precision of our sensors. It’s a 3 in 1 solution that gives you the picture you need with just a single click!

Our displays available : Stop & Go display, Real-time on-site presence, Real-rime gauge

Live App

Live application - real time presence


The performance of your centre at your finger tips. Our application gives you real-time access to the visitor counts in your centre.

Analyse in real-time the impact of your special events and get a clear picture of your promotions. Get inform in real time of occupancy of shopping malls.

Thanks to the dashboard, check your visitor flow trends and compare them with your chosen reference period.

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The secure Quantaflow API creates reliable access to count data on your website and smartphone based applications.

Develop your own data visualisation by accessing the Quantaflow database. Get the most out of your count data and customize how you share it.

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