Quantium: Innovation & Accuracy

The Quantium is the telescopic sensor designed, developed and manufactured by Quantaflow. After three years in the field, the variety of places where they have been installed never ceases to amaze even our most imaginative engineers.

Nothing has seemed impossible and the Quantum can be found in places as varied as very complex shopping centers, prestigious museums such the Louvre in Paris, public swimming pools, the fan zones during football’s Euro 2016 and for the Solidays festival, a large charitable musical event in aid of AIDS.
Since their first installation in 2013, Quantium sensors have counted over one and a half billion people, and the accuracy has been way beyond our expectations. Some of the situations to which the system has needed to adapt are very dense traffic, the long queues that form for security checks following terrorist attacks and the out-sorting of security staff that need to be excluded from useful counts.
The Veritas Group has confirmed the quality in the field and attests to a level of accuracy of 99.7%, the best in the market.
But for Quantaflow’s engineers, 99.7% is just not sufficient. And the result is Quantium 2 which will have improved technical specifications :

– New sensors, enabling Quantium to have perfect vision in low luminosity conditions.
– Counting will be possible in even more complex L-shaped and U-shaped areas and other complicated layouts where visitor flows are more difficult to predict.
– Finally, equipped with a totally re-engineered initialization interface, these new sensors will enable a far more intuitive and rapid installation, with specific counting tests being available for each implementation.
All these developments have been made with the sole purpose of ensuring our customers can have an unequaled visitor counting system in ever more complex configurations.

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