Flexible Technology
to cover your asset complexity

Our technology is designed to be suitable for the most complex site layouts
in commercial shopping centres. Quantaflow solutions are available for indoor and outdoor operation
enabling comprehensive counting of both visitors and vehicles

Shopping Centre

Our sensors are specifically designed for shopping centres and can thus cover your site in the most optimal way.

Our sensors can be positioned equally well in high-ceilinged  and low-ceilinged spaces. Optimum positioning enables total coverage. For a comprehensive coverage of your site, our sensors can also be arranged to count  escalators and stairways.

Populated areas

Our technology guarantees optimal counting even during periods of dense traffic. Each visitor is captured with an electronic signature to ensure  to be counted only once for each entry. Our sensors automatically discount the passage of caddies and shopping bags and count only the visitors. This is your guarantee that the information provided by our sensors is accurate in all circumstances.


Systèmes de comptage exterieur

Our systems are designed for shopping centres   This means they are  suitable for covering all appropriate areas, including outdoor areas. The sensors used therefore in outlet centres or retail parks are equally accurate as their indoor partners but have a more rugged construction.

In this way, you can have a complete view of your visitor behaviour and can identify the more attractive boutiques in the centre.


Systèmes de comptage véhicules centres commerciaux

We can also offer vehicle counting to go even deeper into the analysis of  traffic through your centre,  With sensors placed in the car parks, you can have a detailed picture of their occupation level.

By matching the date for vehicles with those for visitors you can have an even better understanding of the use customers make of your centres.

Food Court
& Anchors

Restaurants, hypermarkets, anchors, we help you carrying out effective and accurate counting in all  those attractive areas.

Using the  customer visit time and the time profile of your customers, you can assess the effect of  arrival and departure of any planned  special attraction. To help  making more effective decisions compare your various areas by level.

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Our sensors are certified by the Bureau Veritas and are accurate to more than 99%. All data recorded by the sensors are validated daily using our CrossCheck procedure under the supervision of a dedicated statistical expert. This ensures that our customers can be confident of having reliable and consistent data.

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