About Us

For more than 20 years Quantaflow has been counting and analysing the flow of people through shopping centres.
With this cumulative experience we are able to offer accurate counting in all conditions and obtain a comprehensive understanding of the flow
Our sensors and software are designed on our own premises enabling us to have complete mastery of the technology we use.
Footfall counter provides an accurate people counting solution to measure in and out traffic or your customers.


Quantaflow has made customer satisfaction its top priority. Our teams work with you with advice and guidance at every stage in our relationship. As installation work proceeds, we ensure optimal placing of sensors with comprehensive monitoring of the system. Once the sensors are installed in their final positions, we ensure data quality through daily remote monitoring and, if needed, with on-site verification. Our Account Management Department is in daily contact with customers to ensure the quality of the data and to provide the analyses that they require.


Nos partenaires


For our growth in the international market, we are able to take advantage of our affiliation with the Quanteo Group, which today gives us access to some 53 countries through a network of 37 experienced resellers. In this way we have been able to prove our technology and footfall traffic counters in very different environments around the world and enabled us to equip new centres in such varied geographies as New Zealand, Spain and the huge market in China

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Quality & Innovation


Each year we invest 13% of turnover in Research and Development allowing us to acquire a unique savoir-faire in the market. Since the company’s founding, quality and accuracy have been our guiding lights. We have full control over the Quantaflow value chain – from sensor design through to processing the data with our own software. In addition, our sensors are manufactured in our own Normandy-based facility in Honfleur, where we exercise the most stringent quality processes. We are thus able to attest to the quality and ruggedness of our products.

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