A Real Understanding
Of your Visitor Flows

We are there to help you use the information in order to have
a deeper understanding of the way people use your shopping centre.



In-depth analysis for a complete understanding of your shopping centre. Using the flow data, get an overall view of the peak hours used by customers and measure the attractiveness of your centre.

Use the experience of a dedicated account manager to understand the impact of a special sales event or the opening of a new store. Get a deeper understanding of the real returns of adding a new extension, for example.


Tools designed
for your requirements


Use the tools specially suited to your requirements for running your centre on a daily basis. Get monthly reports designed for your specific needs.

With the MyQuantaflow software, you can visualise the trends in customer visits over time. Manage the centre in real time using our Quantaflow mobile app.




Make optimum use of our dedicated account managers. They are part of a specialised team of analysts and will provide you with a personalised service. Our account managers are there to answer any questions concerning data and provide training in the use of our tools.

They have an extensive understanding of the industry and the needs of our customers gained in more than 20 years’ experience of analysing shopping centre visitor flows.

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Certified Data
Precision & Reliability

All data recorded by the sensors are validated daily using our CrossCheck procedure under the supervision of a dedicated statistical expert. The Deloitte Institute carries out an annual assessment and certification. This enables our customers to have the confidence that they are receiving reliable and repeatable information

They trust us